The Granchelli family has, for several generations, been dedicated to the cultivation of the land and the production of coffee. From the beginning of the 20th century, Portuguese immigrant Manoel Ferreira and his wife Maria Ferreira Rando cleared areas of land in a highly productive region with a vocation for agriculture. There began a constant search for genetic improvement and technological advances for coffee production. The pioneering spirit, entrepreneurship and focus on quality are still alive today in the blood of its descendants.
It is the love of the land and the passion for coffee that make this family, until today, a reference of quality and productivity in the sector.


Strategically located in the center of a coffee park covering more than 30 thousand hectares, Granchelli has an annual standardization capacity of over 30 thousand bags of coffee beans. These already expressive numbers have been growing every year thanks to the incorporation of new technologies, by the producers, in the management of crops and careful selection of seedlings.


Brazil is the largest coffee producer in the world and the Garça region, where Granchelli is located, has one of the largest coffee parks in the country. With an average altitude of 680m, temperatures between 17.8ºC and 28.5ºC, during the harvest period and rainfall around 1,280mm/year, the region is recognized as a producer of one of the best types of coffee in the world, being present in beverage blends around the world.


Due to the care in production, the quality achieved by the Arabica coffee produced in the Garça region, makes it one of the most sought after, especially for its high sweetness from the yellow beans (Icatú). Reaching the international classifications of Fine Cup, Good Cup and Specialty Coffees, this drink meets the most demanding palates.
Granchelli produces and sells in Brazil, the coffee that the world is looking for, focusing on the production of fine beverages for different audiences with a high degree of demand in their consumption habits.