Cultivated in the subtropical region of Brazil, with well-defined seasons (rainy summer and dry winter), the climate and topography of the Garça region, state of São Paulo, associated with good management practices by coffee growers, give Café Granchelli the characterization of fine drink (Fine Cup), with a pleasant, smooth and sweet aroma and flavor, which can be enjoyed without the addition of sugar.

Café Granchelli, valuing good traditions and always innovating!


Recognized worldwide for its quality, Café Granchelli is composed exclusively of Arabica beans, which serve as a blend in the composition of coffees around the world.

Among the varieties of Arabica coffees, there are Icatu Amarelo, Ouro Verde (yellow), Obatã (red), Mundo Novo (red) among other of the main and most productive varieties, giving the drink the characteristics: dark chocolate, caramel, Dried fruits with present and balanced body with soft acidity, translating a uniformity and a longer “pous gusto”.


The complete cycle, from the implantation of the coffee tree, to the shipment of the beans, is tracked by the Nucoffee program, created by Syngenta, the world leader in agribusiness. This partnership with Café Granchelli guarantees total transparency, safety and quality throughout the production chain, from cultivation to export shipment to roasters.

This integration and traceability allow the world’s large roasters to check the history of grains in their various stages, adding value to the product and generating new marketing opportunities.


Café Granchelli has had, since its foundation, the absolute focus on respect for human beings and the environment that surrounds them. Implementing practices, techniques and equipment that preserve nature and the physical and moral integrity of its partners and employees.

GSCA – Garça Specialty
Coffee Association

The Association of Specialty Coffee Producers of the Garça Region aims to bring together producers to obtain a greater scale of commercialization and produce a differentiated coffee, which reaches international standards of superior quality.

A pioneering initiative by Café Granchelli together with SEBRAE-SP and public authorities, which brings together hundreds of local producers.

“Café com RG” is a registered trademark of the association and can only be used for products from the Garça region and of recognized quality.

It is characterized by an agribusiness action in the coffee production chain in the region, with the objective of promoting the integration of producers, increasing their competitiveness and technical training to operate in an increasingly competitive market.

It seeks to offer specialty coffees to the market, through responsible management and the adoption of good agricultural and management practices at the different links in the production chain. The result is excellent quality coffee combined with production processes with minimal environmental impact, respecting social and cultural aspects, cooperating for the sustainable development of the entire region.

Association of Rural Producers of the Alto Aguapeí and Peixe Region Once again, Café Granchelli demonstrates its concern for sustainable development, leading the foundation and managing this association whose main objective is to maintain the ecosystem of the Garça region. The Association develops actions for the preservation and recovery of areas comprising two important hydrographic basins in the Garça Region, the Aguapeí River, the Peixe River and their tributaries. It works from the preservation of springs, dredging of rivers to the restoration of degraded areas through the planting of native vegetation. It represents an important collective action of respect for the environment. The process involves the evaluation of specialists, determination of methodologies, isolation, planting and maintenance and permanent monitoring of the restored area.